A fun and diversified job!

What will today bring?


It is a fun a diversified job working at the in-house Chartering Department within the Tschudi Group. Tasks are many and involving many segments of the shipping industry ranging from smaller gearless coaster to fancy large sophisticated heavy lift tonnage combined with larger bulk vessels. But it could also simply be a tug and barge towage across the sea or even larger tanker vessels.

It requires knowledge of the shipping industry or as a minimum a large and sound network to support the various requirements landing in our inbox every day. First of all it is our pleasure to service all of our Logistics offices with ocean freight solutions trying to match the right ship and it’s technical requirements (or not) with the cargo plus paying good attention to terms of the contract such a transit time, stowage or
lifting requirements which we need to take into consideration too.

At time of writing we have also taken a smaller geared coaster on time charter presently trading cement and salt off West Africa for dedicated long-term clients. This involves careful cost management and constant monitoring of vessels movement trying to eliminate idle time, ordering fuel at the right time, ordering fuel at the right time, at the right place and many more operational matters beyond the usual documentation.

Sale & Purchase is also part of the area the Chartering department covers. Recently we have successfully brokered the sale of 3 Multi-Purpose vessels as well.

Through the various Tschudi sister branches we assist with other shipping related studies such as bagged cement of the African East Coast or water or fuel shipments from the Baltic to Africa.

As our clients are international they source their goods worldwide as well therefore we ship their material or manufactured goods from Asia to Baltics, from Continent into the Lakes, from Europe to Australia or Persian Gulf or from Scandinavia into the Mediterranean or even just short two day trips inter-Norway servicing the offshore industry for example.

This year we will be exhibiting at the Breakbulk conference in Bremen where we hope to meet existing and new clients. It is very much about networking and seeking new opportunities as well as nursing existing contacts. As mentioned in the beginning it is truly a diversified job and one never knows what the day will bring when we get in in the morning.