With more than 20 years of experience in the bulk liquid logistics industry, Tschudi Logistics Finland is committed to deliver the best long-term service to our customers. Our goal is to help our customers manage their supply chains better, to minimize logistics costs and increase efficiency, while maintaining a safe and predictable supply chain within Europe or globally.

Bulk Liquids shipments

Bulk liquid logistics require punctuality, up-to-date equipment, skilled staff and experienced partners. That is why we are proud to work together with the world´s largest tank container operators Stolt Tankcontainers and Den Hartogh. This ensures a huge equipment pool of not only standard tanks, but also multicompartment tanks and tanks with various heating systems. We are even prouder of our committed long-term employees and drivers who ensure that each transport is performed according to the customers´ needs and schedules.

Be it food-grade or chemical bulk, please give us a try.

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Punctual transportation of liquid chemicals and food-grade products. Our bulk liquid team always take your deadlines serious! 

First class equipment – large fleet of multimodal containers incl. heating systems

Fleet of purpose-built, customer-specific tank containers for hard-to-handle products

Skilled staff cooperating with experienced partners and agents

Our clients say

Providing our customers with an excellent service is our highest priority. Logistics plays an important part in achieving this as we want to guarantee that our oil arrives safely and on time.

It is always a pleasure to work with Tschudi Logistics, everything runs smoothly and unforeseen challenges are handled as soon as they arise.