Tschudi Logistics represented in Asia

Tschudi Logistics opens office in Qingdao China


Since 2016, Tschudi Logistics has been represented with a local office in Qingdao, China. The office is led by Valen Song and Lily Liu who are ready to do logistics in Asia.

Our first office in Asia marks a special milestone and is also an integral part of continuous efforts to establish closer ties with Chinese customers and suppliers. We strongly believe and expect that we will now be able to further expand our business and increase our presence in the region.

Our Chinese team is cooperating more or less daily with the Tschudi Logistics offices, particularly those in Denmark and Finland – ensuring that all projects between Asia and Europe run smoothly.


  1. Tschudi representative in Qingdao, China.
  2. Offices in Chinese main ports.
  3. Services; truck, container, project, sales, operations, finance and HR.
  4. AAA class international logistics enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the Government of China.
  5. Holding non-vessel shipping business qualification registration certificate MOC-NV 09501.

We started working with Valen already in 2014 when she was with her previous employer. After she started her own business, we established a more formal cooperation and appointed her to represent Tschudi officially in China. Our good cooperation continues and we work daily on joint projects for various clients.

“With our in-house competence and wide network we offer tailor-made solutions. We always try our best to improve our services to match clients’ requirements”  Valen Song, Country Manager China

Every time the service has been of an extremely high level and they have a very good general knowledge on the Chinese market. Clearly they have the right connections to produce A-level service with good market level pricing.

The team in China really is enthusiastic and hardworking. Lead from the front lines by Valen. We have wondered many times, does she ever sleep?

Contact Valen Song or Lily Liu if you are looking for professionals in China.

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