Beverage transportation

Are you looking for a safe and price-efficient way to transport your beverages? We offer tailored logistics solutions for transportation of wine, liquor, beer, spirits and other beverages. Our team is highly qualified after 25 years in the beverage logistics industry. Curious to see how we can help you? Read more below.

Logistics solutions for beverages made easy

We know that transportation of beverages must be carried out with utter precision. Our team has 25 years of experience with shipping beverages worldwide – so your wine, beer and other beverages will be transported safely and according to plan. We transport beverages of all qualities with care – from common known wine to the extremely fragile and exclusive vintage wines. 

Keeping your cargo safe is our main concern.

Marinexpress - Established in 1995

Marinexpress is a subsidiary company, 100% owned by the Tschudi Logistics Group. The headoffice is located in Oslo and our beverage transport team are specialized in logistics solutions for alcoholic and non-alcohol beverages.

Beverage logistics

We offer warehousing in Rotterdam and Moerdijk with temperature controlled storage/delivery.

We handle clearance and tax returns.

All types of beverage both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

All modes of transportation – trucks and trailers.

Beverage transport that saves you the hassle

We know the importance of getting your cargo to end destination safely and on time. To save you completely from the hassle, we ensure that you have a direct contact person who will handle everything from route surveys to the transport itself and tax returns.

We are specialized in importing beverages to Norway via Rotterdam from:

  • • Spain
  • • France
  • • Benelux
  • • Germany
  • • Italy

We also provide distribution of beverages all over Europe, along with direct transport to Norway from Germany and Italy.

All members of our beverage transport team are specialized and have years of experience. Where do you need your liquids transported to? Feel free to contact us for a non-committal talk.

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