A clever merge of Project Transports and Logistics

Tschudi Logistics and Tschudi Project Transports have merged!


More streamlined and stronger together – one Tschudi Logistics team working towards a common goal.

The merge of the two separate Tschudi companies means that various departments will now be working closely together. Our Tschudi Logistics team will offer services within: project transports, rail, liquid bulk, chartering and groupage. Our offices are in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Russia and China.

We are proud of our reputation as a creative company, accommodating specific needs and solving demanding projects worldwide. We know that staying competitive demands for constant evolvement and the ability to adapt to our surroundings. The Tschudi Group has a complex structure. Our focus on working as optimale as possible, in all parts of our organization, means reevaluating ongoingly. It became clear to us that Tschudi Project Transports and Tschudi Logistics could, not only function, but actually benefit from being a collected company. 

Merging the two companies is taken very seriously by management. We acknowledge the importance of developing the internal workflow to make business run as smooth as possible. Careful preparations has of course been carried out before officially merging. However, this is just the beginning and the process will continue in order to reach our greatest potential. 

Tschudi Logistics is now a team of 41 professionals divided between 7 offices. Hereby, we can offer both local and global know-how. Our focus on internal cross border cooperation will foster a stronger team of professionals – something we believe will add value to our clients and business. 

By merging our aim is:

  • To have a stronger team
  • To be more aligned
  • To be more flexible
  • To work more unified
  • To increase cross border cooperation within the group
  • To reduce costs
  • To be more agile
  • To be more visible in the “field” out there