One of the first Tschudi vessels, 1896.
Shown here in London for repairs.

Naming ceremony for MV Sibella.

Tschudi getting more and more active in the larger bulk segment.
Tschudi currently active in the offshore market with own tonnage. one of our many projects shown here, Sibig Venture. 1988.
Tschudi purchases 20% of Estonia Shipping Company, in 2002 the remaining 80%.

Tschudi purchased International Towage Contractors (ITC), 1986 – now renamed to Tschudi Offshore & Towage

Tschudi Lines and Logistics is founded.

Tschudi Project Transports is founded.

Tschudi Logistics and Tschudi Project Transports merge to a streamlined Tschudi Logistics team! 

With a company dating back to 1883, a strong owner is essential to stay in business for all those years.

We’ve got a strong owner in the tschudi family. the company is today lead by Mr. Felix H. Tschudi.