It takes a special kind of dedication to stay in business for more than 135 years! Take a look at our timeline to see how it all came about.  

Tschudi History


One of the first Tschudi vessels

In 1883 Henry Tschudi travelled to Switzerland to raise money for investments. The ship was named after the Swiss mountain UTO and was one of the first Tschudi vessels.


The photo shows UTO in London for repairs.


Naming ceremony for MV Sibella

At the time, all Tschudi & Eitzen vessels had the prefix SI in their names. Sharing the prefix meant that all ships were listed together in the Lloyd’s Shipping Index and the Norwegian shipping list. Four ships had the SI prefix: Sibella, Silvaplana, Silvana, Sirocco.


Naming ceremony for MV Sibella.


Bulk segment activities

In 1953 Tschudi started to become more active in the larger bulk segment.


The vessel Siboseven.


Offshore market with own tonnage

Conversion of the tanker Venture Espana into one of the first submersible heavy lift vessels – renamed Sibig Venture.  With a  capacity of 44,000 tons it was the largest vessel of its kind. Over the years Sibig Venture carried out several demanding transports, such as carrying two jackup rigs in one lift, large semi-submersible drilling rigs, barges, large offshore constructions and even an Aframax tanker in two parts.


Tschudi grows

Tschudi purchases 20% of Estonia Shipping Company, in 2002 the remaining 80% was bought.


Tschudi purchased ITC

Tschudi purchased International Towage Contractors (ITC), 1986 – now renamed to Tschudi Offshore & Towage.


Lines and Logistics

The two companies Tschudi Lines and Tschudi Logistics are founded.


Tschudi Project transports

Tschudi Project Transports is founded.


Project transports merge with Logistics

Tschudi Logistics and Tschudi Project Transports merge to a streamlined Tschudi Logistics team!


Tschudi Logistics opens office in Mozambique

Tschudi Logistics opens office in Mozambique as a result of many years of experience with logistics in Africa.

It takes a special kind of dedication to stay in business for more than 135 years!

To date the Tschudi Group is still owned by the Tschudi family. Felix H. Tschudi is the fourth generation leader and the business currently employs over 300 people.