As a part of the Tschudi Group our roots date back to 1883. We are experts within project transports, rail, chartering, beverage transports and forwarding. Our dedicated team of professionals are located in Europe, Asia and Africa and always ready to quote for your next project!

Our group & roots

We are part of the privately owned Tschudi Group. The group is Norwegian and has a long history with roots dating back to 1883. Traditionally Tschudi was a ship-owner but has now developed into a variety of subsidiary companies in shipping, offshore and towage, logistics, personnel services and financial services.

At Tschudi Logistics we have four main focus areas of business. Project Transports, Rail, Forwarding, Chartering, short sea and Beverage. Our employees are professionals within their field and never afraid to take on challenging tasks! No matter the size and complexity of the cargo – we can guarantee a safe transport and delivery every time.

Our logistic solutions are world-wide but we are experts in the East-West flow of cargoes and projects involving the Baltic and CIS countries as well as the Northern Regions of Norway.

Being a part of Tschudi is like being part of an international family. To us talented employees should never be taken for granted. We focus on creating an environment in which high-paced personal development is possible and rewarded. Would you like to join our team? Read more about working at Tschudi and check our vacant positions here.



We are committed to our core values and ideas giving the confidence to take rewarding risks under uncertainty.

We support and respect new ideas, our customers, colleagues and owner.  This is only possible because we are committed to and trust our colleagues so that everybody can contribute positively.


Be ahead! Create opportunities.

We take opportunities and think options.

We act before a solution becomes a problem or even better turn it into an opportunity.


We respect our colleagues and clients by delivering in time and give reliable feedback and support.

We gain the customers trust and respect by delivering above their expectations.

We respect differences in culture and personalities

How we do logistics

Tschudi Logistics was founded in 2006 and has since grown into an international company with 10 offices and 50 employees. We are a team of professionals within project transports, bulk liquids, rail, forwarding and chartering. While Tschudi Logistics as an organization is relatively small we are agile and involved with some of the biggest and most demanding clients within oil & gas, energy, construction and the industrial sectors.

To ensure that we are always able to accommodate our clients’ wishes we work by our saying:

Creating value by daring to be different

• We dare to think differently in order to find new, smarter and better solutions in everything we do.

• We look for opportunities and identify new niches early and develop their potential by offering good and innovative solutions.

• We are prepared to take unexpected but potentially rewarding risks based on our knowledge and expertise.

“To meet the high requirements of our clients, our team always focus on delivering services of a particular high standard. Hence, we as a team must ongoingly be able to map out and identify the specific needs of our clients.”

Thomas Vestergaard

CCO Tschudi Logistics Group


Thomas Vestergaard

CCO Tschudi Logistics Group



At our offices never two days are alike. We are moving fast forward and try to adapt to our ever changing environment.

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