Tschudi Lines deliver door-to-door service of full loads and part loads to save you the hassle.

Door-to-door solutions

Our short sea team work in close collaboration with the rest of the Tschudi Logistics team. That enables us to provide our clients with full package solutions covering all modes of transportation. 

With us you always get the most effective way of transporting your goods. Our team take your needs and requests into consideration and fulfil your requirements in relation to price, quality and efficient service. The Tschudi Group has long experience in operating short sea container lines in Europe, UK and Ireland. 

We tailor solutions for door to door, port to port, door to port – the possibilities are endless. You can trust that we always handle your cargo safely during the transportation. Contact us to learn more.

Forwarding solutions

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We provide transport services of all types of goods in dry containers. Examples of dry cargo could be vehicle parts, food and beverage, building materials, tools and equipment, clothing, furniture, etc.


Reliable temperature-controlled transport of perishable cargo such as flowers, dairy products, fish, vegetables, cheese, bread and so forth.


Transport of cargo that needs loading from the top or sides on flat racks of 20ft, 40ft and 45ft.

Europe, UK and Ireland

We have built our short sea business from strong customer backing and a reputation as a dedicated, client-oriented team. With us you get door-to-door solutions.  

The Tschudi Group has long experience in operating short sea container lines. Tschudi Lines was developed in 2006 from ESCO Eurolines, the former short sea activity of the Estonian Shipping Company, operating between Northern Europe and the Baltics.


Customs Clearance and Permit Services 

We are experienced in handling customs clearance for all countries in Europe, including the UK and Ireland. Our team handles all the paperwork quickly to ensure that the transport of your cargo proceeds smoothly. We are always updated on rules and regulations and you can be sure, that cargo is handled safely in our care.

Are you confused about how to handle key documents? Do not hesitate to contact our team for professional guidance.