Delivery of bridge elements

Transport of 42 bridge elements for the Hising Bridge in Gothenburg

The Tschudi team was responsible for the logistical setup for the transport of 42 huge bridge elements from Bilbao, Spain to Port of Gothenburg, Sweden. The elements will make up the Hising Bridge and they have been long underway. Preparations for the logistical setup commenced in 2015, turning an extremely complex operation into a smooth transport. Tschudi Logistics Denmark has in collaboration with the Swedish office been responsible for the entire logistical setup.

Tschudi Logistics is mainly involved in logistics solutions for transports of oversized and heavy cargo, and the Hising Bridge was no exception. When built, the bridge will have a total length of 350 m – consisting of 42 single bridge elements.

The transport was divided in two separate shipments. The elements were loaded on to the vessel MV Symphony Spirit in Port of Bilbao, Spain last and was on open waters for five days. Discharge of the bridge elements commenced upon arrival and were performed using the vessel’s two cranes. Tschudi Logistics Sweden are located in central Gothenburg, and were present during the process of discharge.

Loading of the bridge elements in Port of Bilbao, Spain.

COWI is responsible for constructing and engineering the bridge. When completed the bridge will be 440 meters long and 48 meters wide. Read more about the project here.

Arrival of the first shipment with 22 bridge elements at Port of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Tschudi handled the full operation 

Tschudi Logistics Denmark has been responsible for the full logistical setup. The planning has been going on for years and every detail has been worked through. The Tschudi team completed the following: finding and chartering the most suitable vessel for the job; designing the transport scope; loading and discharge of the oversized elements; lashing and securing of cargo for a safe journey on open waters. Thomas Vestergaard, who is CCO at Tschudi Logistics Group says:

“Projects like the Hising Bridge is our core competency. We started our preparations as early as 2015 and it is a delight to see how all of our hard work is coming together in a smooth operation. To ensure optimal handling of cargo, we were present on site, both in Bilbao for loading and here in Gothenburg for discharge.” 

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